Founded in 1995, I-3 Services (formerly Internet Integration, Inc.) is a service firm based in Los Angeles, California, devoted to a single, simple goal: to help organizations use Internet technology effectively.

Our company was founded to assist businesses in determining and in seizing the many opportunities afforded by today's rapidly emerging technologies. Used effectively, Internet technology can help a business increase its revenues, reduce its costs, improve its communications, and boost its productivity.

We provide both executive-level strategic consulting and high-level technical Internet development services to help our clients use Internet technology, creatively and effectively, to achieve these objectives.

In working with our clients, we draw on our experience with the application of Internet technology in many different environments. Our clientele includes a wide variety of organizations, from small service firms to large multinational corporations, in industries ranging from financial services to insurance to non-profit to law to manufacturing.

Please feel free to browse our credentials or read about the specific services we provide.

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